2024 Spring – High School

High School referee fees are as follows :

MAC (Var3 70,58,58)   (Var2 68,68)   (JV2 58,58)   (JVB2 53)

CATH (Var3 70,60,60)   (Var2 70,70)   (JV2 60,60)   (JVB2 60)

BLUE WATER (Var3 65,55,55)   (Var2 65,65)

Reminder: MAC has ZERO tolerance for Foul Language and Dissent!

Report all Varsity Red and Yellow cards to:

Steve Bardelline, Warren Mott AD Email is : sbardelline@wcskids.net


Questions? Call Danny Kuskowski 586-747-0419


Brandon Barlog – President _ 586-243-8332
E-mail:   brbarlog@gmail.com

Ron Jacobs – Vice President _ 586-212-8200
E-mail:   imijacobs@sbcglobal.net

Jim Whitbread – Treasurer _ 586-246-0109
E-mail:   jimwhitbread@comcast.net

Rick Jacob – Secretary _ 313-461-8065
E-mail:   rich.jacob@comcast.net

Danny Kuskowski – High School League Assignor _ 586-747-0419
E-mail:   dkooze@hotmail.com

Helmut Egger – High School Schedule Administrator _ 586-872-3931
E-mail:   Lhegger@aol.com

Kris Silvani – USSF Certified Youth League Assignor
MCRA Youth Soccer – 810-706-5500

Roseann Mayer – USSF Certified Youth League Assignor
E-mail:   roseann.mayer@comcast.net

Brandon Barlog – MCRA Trainer _ 586-243-8332
E-mail:   brbarlog@gmail.com

Jim Kautzer – Website
E-mail:   soccer_mi@yahoo.com _ 586-731-1917

James Lowe – Youth League Liaison _ 586-876-6276
_ thelowedown@aol.com


Michigan State Youth Soccer Assoc (MSYSA)    www.michiganyouthsoccer.org

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSL or MSPSP)    www.mspsl.org

Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL)    www.michigansoccer.com

Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA)   http://www.mhsaa.com

FIFA https://www.theifab.com/home

U.S. Soccer    http://www.ussoccer.com/

Michigan Premier Soccer League (Adult League)    http://www.mipsl.com/

Michigan United Soccer League    http://members.tripod.com/musl_over_30

Macomb Area Conference    http://www.macombmac.misd.net/

Macomb Area Conference    http://www.macad.misd.net/

Michigan Referee Website    www.michiganreferee.org

The Michigan Soccer Net    www.michigansoccer.net

Referee Magazine    www.referee.com

Official Sports – Referee Gear    www.officialsports.com

Law Five – Referee Gear    www.lawfive.com

Epic Soccer – Referee Gear    http://www.epicsoccer.com/