Macomb County Referee Association

High School referee fees are as follows:
Varsity 3-man:  Referee $55, AR's $45
Varsity 2-man:  2 @ $60
JV:  2 @ $45
9th:  2 @ $43
** For MHSAA, Make sure to follow guidelines in rules insert of rule book for post season matches*
 (overtime is
2 10 min halves   NO GOLDEN GOAL)

MYSL 2016 Season Referee Fees
Click Here for more information

MYSL referee information can be found at under 
"Rules & Regulations" MSPSP referee information can be found at click "Rules & Forms" then click "Referee Information & Fees" 

Referees MUST make sure to use the correct rules of play for the matches you are officiating! Please review your high school
rule book and visit the MYSL and MSPSP web sites and print out a copy of their rules to carry with you to matches. 

Another reference source of differences between league play is the comparison chart found in your high school rule book. 
This chart includes differences between MHSAA, NCAA and USSF.